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Historic Building in Houston:
New Construction and Restoration

Are you having unexpected frustration with your Houston home remodel or restoration project? Do you want to build within Houston’s Historic District but are daunted by the approval process? We at Spencer Howard Design + Construction Management specialize in historic building in Houston. We have over 12 years of successfully guiding our clients’ remodels, new construction, and preservation projects smoothly and efficiently through the city’s various hoops and red tape to approval success. If you have a home renovation or addition project and live in one of Houston’s Historic Districts, contact us today to discuss your needs and discover that historic building in Houston doesn’t need to be a hassle.

Houston Historic District Expertise


Our goal at Spencer Howard Design + Construction Management is to offer a variety of residential design services to homeowners in the greater Houston region. As a firm specializing in residential design, we are very aware of how important your home is to you, what enormous emotional energy is lavished upon it, and how unnerving it is to be at the mercy of others in the shaping or reshaping of your home. With this in mind we have developed our services to avoid as much of that discomfort as possible.

Construction Management

Spencer Howard is both a design and construction management firm. While we do not build the projects we design, we do work very closely with the general contractor and client during construction. We’ve found that the most successful projects have had our involvement through completion.  Our services range from basic construction observation to bid/contract negotiation to certifying invoice payments to contractors.


We at Spencer Howard Design + Construction Management are very aware of how daunting getting a Historic District Approval can seem. As a firm specializing in residential design and with unique expertise in remodeling historic homes in Houston, we make the road to approval smooth and easy for our clients.

Spencer Howard is a fantastic collaborator. We have worked together on a historic renovation project for the last two years and we have been thrilled with his encyclopedic knowledge of historic design in Houston. He helped us craft a proposal that was approved and endorsed by the Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission–we couldn’t have done it without him! He is not an ego-driven designer which makes him easy and pleasant to work with on projects. I highly recommend him and his company! 


Spencer Howard has been an unbelievable resource on the remodel that we worked on together. His ability to convey key design concepts and guide the direction of the project has been indispensable. The wealth of experience clearly shined through on every aspect of the remodel. I look forward to working with Spencer on future projects! 


Spencer has been to our house on several occasions to discuss our home renovation. We have a small bungalow in the Heights and his ideas not only suit the area, they suit us perfectly. Even though we are just beginning our adventure in home renovation, we feel we are in great hands with Spencer. Heck, even now, instead of making some crucial decisions, my husband and I both just say “We’ll ask Spencer what he thinks” and then the world is right again. He knows the area. He knows what looks good and he knows what will work and what will not work. He doesn’t sugar coat, but he is very accommodating. He was one of several options we had for designers and I’m very happy we chose him above all the rest.


About Spencer Howard Design + Construction Management 

With over 12 years experience in the design and construction industry, Spencer Howard has completed more than $150 million in new construction and renovation projects ranging from residential to institutional facilities. Our associates are not only trained in design, but are also people who understand the importance of communication, and who share a love of houses.

Need a Historic District Approval?

We have helped clients obtain Certificates of Appropriateness for their projects without the hassle, extended time and stress that is associated with the Historic District approval process. We have created a free guide to help you understand each step in the process to get your home renovation or addition project approved with as much ease as possible. Getting your project approved doesn’t need to be a headache; find out how with your free copy of our Historic District Approval Guide.